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 We provide a range of security services, which transcends the boundaries of traditional security and investigations services available in Sri Lanka. Our specialised services are classified as follows.
 Our company consists of the following categories of security personnel.
 ~  Security guard services  
 ~  Security guard services with arm  
 ~  Security for cash in-transit with armed guards (on request)  
 ~  Surveillance  
 ~  VIP body guards and drivers  
 ~  Personal body guards  
 ~  Private investigations  
 ~  Security cover using electronic devices  
 ~  Security for Private functions/residences  
 We also provide services that will assist in guaranteeing the safety of personnel, equipment and establishment of our customers and their clients.
 Apart from contractual obligations, the security personnel on duty will be inspected round the clock by the management and Supervising Officers of the company, who are especially employed for this task. We will check for alertness, turn out, conduct and courteous behaviour and also check the proper maintenance of records. The personnel in a unit will be rotated once in three months.
 Operational Staff
 All our employees are ex – servicemen, insured against employment risks and provided with fringe benefits such as EPF, ETF, leave, medical and insurance benefits. They are contented, physically fit and well trained to meet any security contingency.
 Our company consists of the following categories of security personnel.
 ~  Chief Security Officer  
 ~  Officer in Charge  
 ~  Senior Security Officer  
 ~  Junior Security Officer  
 ~  Lady Security Officer  
 More specifically, our employees have a minimum of 12 years service in the armed forces of Sri Lanka. Additionally, around 90% of our staff has experience in commanding and administrating combat troops, with selected staff having experience in military intelligence
 All personnel are recruited to our company, after stringent screening processes and personal referral checks. The recruits have to undergo a thorough in-service training, irrespective of their experience as ex-soldiers. Instructions imparted are both theoretical and practical, comprehensively covering the concept of private and other security related functions. Regular reinforcement instruction classes are held, where shortcomings in security duties are duly corrected, and personal are briefed about the current security situation. Discussions are also held about the law in relation to security duties, such as self-defence, citizen's arrest of a charge under the Penal Code, etc.
 The use of security equipment is explained, practices in fire fighting are held, bomb disposal is described and improvements in security coverage are discussed. Experts in their respective specialized fields coordinate these training programmes. Particular attention is given to the important subject of discipline, integrity and loyalty; both during training and afterwards.
 All security personnel are trained in the following programmes, constantly updated by Qualified Experts, in keeping with the changing security requirements of our valued clientele
 ~  Fire fighting  Sri Lanka Air Force - Fire Fighting Unit
 ~  Civil law  
 ~  Bomb disposal  Home Guard Training Institute, Kalpitiya
 ~  Identification of explosives  
 ~  Weapons handling and training  
 ~  First aid  St. Johns Ambulance Service
 ~  Customer Service Excellence & Value Addition Training  Kent Academy of Career Training
 ~  Regular in house Refresher Courses for Security Personnel  by the Training & Dev. Manager
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